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Winter Theme Songs: Tracks in the Snow, Cabin in the Woods, Bear Over the Mountain

Tracks in the Snow
Make copies of several animals' footprints on sheets of paper.  Make a book out of all the footprints you collect.  Sing the song and let the children match the footprints with the animal.  Give them clues before you sing. (lyrics and music by Patty, copyright 1998)   (A very simple tune.  The kids love this one because they guess the footprints of the animal.  Show them an outline of a footprint, sing the song, at the end of the song they guess who the tracks belong to. Print out these tracks online:  bear, deer, rabbit, racoon, skunk, dinosaur, bird, cayote, and human)

Eb        Eb  D   C
Tracks in   the snow  
Eb  Eb   D  C
leaving  a    trail         
 G    G      F  Eb                                
who could it  be                                           
high C  G      high C   G
look -   ing,  look   - ing                                        
Eb  D     ___
I     spy (name of animal)                     

The Bear Went Over the Mountain (traditional)
(Some children hold the sheet in a circle and other children pretend to be bears.   The bears walk around the circle where the sheet is spread out)

C      A       A    A-G   A    Bb     A      
The bear went o-ver the mountain    
A   G       G     G-F   G    A      G
the bear went o-ver the mountain
C    A     A      A-G   A    Bb    D
the bear went o-ver the mountain
D  C   C      Bb G      F
to see what he could see 

2nd verse:    (The bears crawl  under the sheet and pretend to sleep.)
He saw a dark cave
he saw a dark cave
he saw a dark cave
and went fast asleep

Act out:
snore, snore, snore
Wake Up!   
(The children holding the sheet call "wake up" and lift the sheet, and the bears under the sheet jump bear and growl.)

Cabin in the Woods
love this song.  It is traditional and doesn't belong to anyone.  Although I know one website that is asking money for it?? 
The original words "before the hunter shoots me dead" I took out. We use hand motions for each line.  A game to play would be to not sing the first line, only use hand motions, the second time, take out two lines, and so the end of song, you are only using the hand motions. 
In a little cabin in the woods
A little old man by the window stood
Along came a rabbit hopping by
knocking at his door
"Help me, help me, help me," he said.
Before the snow covers my head
come little rabbit, come with me
happy we will be.



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