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How many times have I been asked,  "How do I get my child to practice?"
Too many times!  
I believe it helps if the teacher and parent work together on this. 
Make a plan.  
What motivates the child?  Each child is unique. I have put together some Parent Tips.  
Here is the first: Create A Space!

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5 Books for Elementary General Music Class

by Barbara S. Garriel, John O'Brien.

A great introduction to a few orchestral instruments.

coloring page (not sure who gets credit for this artwork):


This is a great sing-a-long book.  The class will love singing the main theme by the Runaway Pancake every time... including the volume needed at the end of the story.

HIP CAT by Jonathan London

It's all about Jazz.  Here is a Reading Rainbow link for the story read by Ann Duquesnay.

MAMA DON'T ALLOW by Thacher Hurd

There is a copy of the sheet music at the back of the book. It is a fun story.

ABIYOYO by Pete Seeger

This is a story about a giant named Abiyoyo and the creative battle of the father and son to win. Widgets
In teaching 7 - 8th graders guitar, it is important they have a folder with a guitar chord list and a bunch of folk songs and popular songs to enjoy. Making sure these songs go in order of the chords you are introducing.   Many songs can be played with just 3 chords.

I like to introduce the 'easiest to play' chords first.  Such as E and A.

I also introduce melody on the guitar.  It's not all about chords.  Chords can be difficult and uncomfortable and frustrating for some.  So, I like to balance it with learning the notes/steps on each string.  Alfred series has a good book.
For printing a chord chart, check out this site:  It lets you select the chords you want to print.
Print out the chords you will need on one sheet... Add a small box next to each chord.  As you teach the chords and the students learn them, check off the box.  You could also make up an incentive sheet that would motivate the students to learn their chords.

You will be surprised at t…

Assignment Sheet for the Young Child

I created this Assignment Sheet for the Young Child in mind.  It is not perfect, but it suits the need I have been looking for.

Please feel free to download this for your students.

Scavenger Hunt for the Classroom

Scavenger Hunt:  To do in the computer lab at school.

Here is one example I found:

So many ideas going through my head for this idea.   I am going to use the scavenger idea for my middle schooler's.  This is a great research idea.  Several different worksheets could be passed out in one class as a research project and it could be done in small groups.

Web searches for the students to use:

New York Philharmonic:
Classics for Kids:

Mystery Practice: leave a 'surprise message' in the student's notebook :0)

With many instrumental students off for the summer, and me... well, I am relaxing and enjoying the time off.  Yet, my mind is stirring with ideas for the Fall; and I came across these great ideas for practicing from Kids and Keys:

Therefore, I hope to print off several copies of practice ideas to glue-stick into notebooks this coming school year.  It should be fun and inspiring for the student and me!
I will post an update as I complete my thoughts on this.