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Practice Charts...

Practice Charts....I don't use them. 

On occasion I create a challenge for the students that lasts two weeks to a month, and we will actually keep track of certain things, such as:  practice, memory, chords, scales, intervals, etc...

But, for every day practice time I am a firm believer in creating a habit instead.  Ask the student when they practice... first thing in the morning, after breakfast, first thing after school, after dinner...?
this will help them to fit practice into their day, just like eating or brushing their teeth, and doing their homework.
Happy Note
Rewards for the students.
Ages 4 - 10 ~ I buy trinkets from
Ages 4 - Teen (and adults)  ~ has magnetic bookmarks that the kids like to keep in their music. has several items under $5. that are music related.  Make your own music coupons that add up to a gift certificate toward ice cream at a local vendor.  Of course, everyone loves candy, and my students are always extra grateful when I pass it out.  But for the sake of health and frowns from the moms, I keep candy to a minimum...except, I lavish it on the Holidays.


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