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Getting Better with Age?

I was blessed by this video.  When I first watched her video, I giggled.  She was fascinating!....  I really wanted to be trained under her.  I thought she had such wit.... and she had a focus no one else had, yet she was older.  Forgive me, but she could be retired, but why should she, she was so needed...she had something to give to others.   Therefore, I found her encouraging and challenging to me personally.  Not only do I want to help my students with her approach, but I became aware of the future of my career.

Now, at age 50, I realize I could make a change in my career, making it simple or changing it totally, or I could just get better.  I am choosing the better.  My gift and talent is music.  That's what I do.  And that's where I am happy.  It comes naturally and yet I can grow in it.  I don't need to stop at retirement age, yes I know that's a few years in the meantime, I take inventory of my gifts and talents and I find out where I'm lacking or where I have more interest and I pursue it.  Yes, I'm in pursuit.   So, whether it's accomplishing my life long dreams or going for a new dream of gaining a Masters Degree, I am all in.  I truly want to live my life to the fullest even after 50; even if it feels my most productive time of life has passed by. 
So first, if you are a piano teacher, please check out this website. It is worth giving this advice to your serious students as well as inspiration to those teachers that feel they have no more to give after years of teaching.  

Second, be encouraged to keep learning, keep teaching, keep giving and receiving the blessings God has for you.


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