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Music Mash

A take off from Fruit Basket Upset.  Did you ever play that game?  Or did I just age myself.  I remember playing that game in youth group as a kid. 

I label each child in class with a musical note.  I simply use:  whole note, dotted half note, half note, quarter note, eighth note and quarter rest.  I draw the note on the back of their hand with a dry erase marker.  The class sits in chairs that are formed in a circle.  One child and their chair is brought to the middle of the circle.  The child that is in the middle is "it".  "It" calls out a musical note.  Those children with that note on their hand, get up and switch chairs with another child that has that same musical note.  "It" also tries to take someone's chair.  The object is to NOT be "it" in the chair in the middle of the circle. 
(Of course, most want to be "it" and they will find a way to fake that they just weren't fast enough to find another chair and they will end up in the middle being "it"  :0)

By the way, this is a loud game.


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