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STOMP Projects in the Classroom



Bring your recycling to the classroom. 
Cans, plastic, boxes, bottles... anything that makes a sound. 

Have the kids pick through the recycling and find items for their 'stomp' song
Have them explore and find 3 sounds that each of the recyclable items can make.  For example, swirling sound, drum sound, crushing, crunching, rattling, etc...

Write it down on a chart.

Draw the recyclable piece, write down it's sound and how to make it.  Do they use their hand to make the sound, or a pencil, or other object?
Use a line to show it's sound.  Swirly line for a swirling sound.  Up and down lines for a tom-tom drum sound, etc..

Have them find a few more pieces at home. 
The garage or the toy box is a great place to look.

Organize the sounds into a song.

Have the kids form groups of 3 - 4. 

Each person selects a recyclable item to play.  They need to come up with a rhythm, or you could give them a rhythm (depending on the age group).

Have each group write 8 measures of rhythm.  I have them write 8 and repeat it when they perform the song.  Some kids will feel comfortable writing more measures. 
You could have them write it with ABA, ABC form in mind??


After much time and practice, comes the Performance!
Video tape the groups playing.  The kids love to watch the show later.


stefan dewitte said…
well done
good building up.
Not too easy, challenging for the children.

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