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Popcorn: A Rhythmic Game

This is a game I made up and tested out on my 2nd and 5th graders.  With the 2nd grade, I did not add the alphabet part.

Sit in a circle- go around the room with each student saying POPCORN.  On "pop"- pat legs (quarter note) on "corn" (quarter note)- hands clap.  Each student says "Popcorn" going around the circle while pat-clapping to the syllables.   At any time, one student may then decide to say, "ding", (like a microwave oven). This causes a reverse action.  Going around in the other direction now, each student says, "pop", as quickly as they can and jumps up (then sits back down) while they say it.  (eighth notes).  Important- They must stay in the tempo that is set at the beginning.  Saying, "Pop-corn" is spoken slower then, "pop" on the popping up part... if a student is too slow to react to the pop-pop-pop part, they are out.

A student can only say "Ding" once in the whole game.  And you may only say "Ding" after 5 or more people have said "popcorn".

During the "pop-pop-pop...." part, the game changes when someone says, "pop and".  Then, the game goes in reverse again, and right away, the next student says, a food that starts with "A" (apple-clapping the syllables) and the next student, a food that begins with the letter "B".  It keeps going around the circle with the next letter in the alphabet until someone trips up and they are out.  Then the game begins all over again.

A student is out at anytime during the game when they take too long because for "music-sake", please try to keep a tempo when playing.   The student 'out' must either sit on the floor or turn their chair around because they are now out of the game.

I am always looking for games.  Please let me know any of your ideas.


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